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airEkey System: lighten the reception workload


airEkey System -Integrations

Thanks to the integrations with Booking, Airbnb, PMS and CM, the reservations you receive are automatically imported to airEkey dashboard. In this way, you can ask guests for all data you need before their arrival.

Secure online payments

You can collect all guests’ payments via web app including the tourist tax, which will be automatically calculated by airEkey. The amount will be credited to your bank account.

Automatic data transmission

During online check-in, guests upload on airEkey web app: their documents, their identification data and a selfie. Once you confirm the identity of your guest, airEkey will automatically send his data to authorities (if required by law).


The guest can sign in OTP the vacation rental agreement or other documents. You can also communicate your guests stay to authorities through the file that is automatically filled with data collected by airEkey.

Information about the facility

On the airEkey web app, guests can find the details of your facility, for example Wi-Fi password, booking details, directions, and a description with photos and videos of the vacation rental, B&B or hotel.

Welcome video call

 Guests can directly video call you via web app, before they enter your facility. You will be able to provide them with all the important information and further verify their identity.

Access control

From MyairEkey dashboard and airEkey Host app, you can check when your guests or your staff enter the facility. You can create sub-accounts to share the management panel and access codes with your staff.

Self check in via E-mail

Thanks to this premium feature, airEkey will automatically send to your guests, a reminder via E-Mail with the link to complete the online check and to remotely open the doors. 

Locks the door when you don't.

With the airEkey feature, you can set your door to automatically lock on a timer. Just in case you forget.

Keep track of who comes. And who goes.

Get alerts when anyone locks or unlocks your door. So you know when the kids come home from school or the contractors leave for the day.

Impedes intruders.

If someone enters the wrong PIN five times, our lock will notify you. After 15 attempts, it automatically locks your hostel for 30 minutes. 

No key needed.

Unlock APP remotely. It can be linked by email - wifi /app. It can also be locked by key and password

Grant access from anywhere.

Lock and unlock your hostel remotely. Create unique access codes for others to enter your hostel 

+100 K Rooms

+150 Countries


Devices Installed

Devices Installed

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