airEkey for Airbnb Hosts


Simplify managing your vacation rental

Simplify managing your vacation rental Give guests the seamless self-check-in they want and make Airbnb property management a breeze for you with airEkey system’s direct integration. Upgrade your Airbnb listing with airEkey so your guests get secure, key-free entry with the airEkey Host app and Smart Keypad included in the airEkey.

Provide a secure virtual key

Guest self check-in

Grant cleaning service access

Install on your deadbolt in minutes

Easy management via airEkey app

Link the airEkey app with your Airbnb account

Partner with airEkey

airEkey automatically manages virtual keys for each booking 

Say goodbye to handing out physical keys or managing lockbox passwords with airEkey's fully automated system. airEkey integrates directly with the Airbnb app for an easy host and guest experience. After booking, each guest will automatically receive instructions in their Airbnb inbox on how to enter the hotel during their stay.

Safer hosting experience

With each booking, airEkey automatically generates a unique entry key for access using the airEkey app or smart keyboard, which is valid from check-in to check-out. Virtual access keys are not duplicated and are only valid for the duration of the subscription. Gone are the days of worrying about duplicating or misplacing keys.

Manage your Airbnb destinations remotely

With the airEkey app, you can grant access to your property from anywhere. Ideal for service professionals such as your housekeeper, plumber or property manager. You can even schedule visits to be valid at set dates and times. Enjoy the convenience and security of contactless entry without having to change keys in person or hide them under a mat. Also, any virtual key can be revoked at any time!


Easy 24/7 self-check-in

Perfect for business travelers and guests who arrive late: Instead of looking for a hidden key under the doormat, your guests simply lock the door conveniently with their smartphone or by entering a 6-digit access code.

Lock at the touch of a button

airEkey scores above all with simple and intuitive handling for guests: With one click in the airEkey host app, guests can open the door for the duration of their stay. When leaving the accommodation, the door can be locked with a click on the Smart Lock button.