The digital access system for your company!

Secure and keyless access to your office with airEkey. Easily manage access authorizations for your employees via the free airEkey host app or the clear airEkeyweb interface.


Smart access to the office.

The airEkey Smart Lock is a smart home product tested and guarantees reliable access to office space - smart, secure and contactless. With the free airEkey host app, your employees or cleaning staff can open the door to the office. You can adapt authorizations to the working hours. Lost keys are no longer a problem.

What makes airEkey so special

The Smart Lock is mounted on the existing cylinder and key. Installation takes less than three minutes - no screws or drilling required.

The ideal extension for your company

Key and contactless access for your employees

Access around the clock via the airEkey relies on the latest encryption mechanisms, which are also common in banking and other home automation systems. airEkey was also recognized as a secure smart lock in the AV or by entering a 6-digit access code

Allow external service providers temporary access

Logging of all locking processes for your security

Define automatic lockout time and authorization individually

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