What is a smart apartment?

Smart apartment buildings are residences that integrate smart facilities, building automation solutions and property management into one connected building system. These devices all connect and communicate with each other through the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart devices enable you to remotely monitor and manage access control systems, appliances and other equipment throughout your property. All these cloud-based devices combine to create an integrated technology ecosystem for your building.



The airEkey is the retrofit solution for the existing intercom system in your Apartment. In combination with the airEkey Smart Lock, you can experience a completely keyless everyday life - from the street to your apartment. Find out if your existing intercom system is compatible.

Completely furnished
24/7 Check-In
Free WiFi + TV
washing facilities
Additional costs incl. heating, water, electricity


Give access to those who help you

Are you looking after a loved one and not sure whether you can come into the house in an emergency? With airEkey you can easily give yourself and other caregivers access. Your loved one doesn't even need a smartphone for this, they lock from the outside with the key and inside with the Smart Lock wheel.

Save time and do yourself good

Are you busy and is there always something going on at home? No problem, with your electronic door lock from airEkey. You no longer have to wait for the cleaning lady or do it for yourself to come. Now you can organize access for everyone who comes to help you. Because you definitely have more important things to do

Handover of keys for holiday apartment ? Only more digital!

For landlords of holiday apartments, handing over the keys is the most complex process. With airEkey , guests and service providers receive smart access via the airEkey host app, keypad or airEkey

Delivery Services

airEkey allows you to easily control your door your door remotely. This allows you to open the door for deliverers on the go so that they can simply leave the package at your home instead of taking it to the nearest post office


airEkey offers you maximum comfort without having to forego security.

Invisible on the inside of the door

airEkey is mounted on the inside of your door above the existing lock cylinder and is therefore not visible from the outside.

Confirmed By Experts

Using airEkey does not affect the security level of your door - this is also confirmed by insurance companies.

Revoke Key

If you lose your smartphone, simply remove the corresponding access authorization - never again swap locks and locking cylinders

Ultra Strong Encryption

Clever end-to-end encryption ensures the highest possible security standard. More information here.