The new features of the Host App

Introducing airEkey's new host application for self-check-in and home automation. In addition to the brand new interface, you'll also find new features to make your user experience smarter. Take a look:

In the booking section, you can now create new bookings and confirm guest credentials directly from the app. With the new calendar view, scheduled arrivals will be shown as blue dots and departures will be greyed out. In addition, you will find details on "booking options" such as ID receipts, payments and tourist taxes. Additionally, you can send notifications to guests directly from the app.


In the Home Automation section, you can manage all automation rules related to your accommodation.


In the "Services" section, you can consult all the services you offer to your guests at any time.

In the details of the structure, you can visualize the sensors and the diagrams related to the home automation. In the settings you will find the sub-account permissions.

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